Rare Jungle Cat Sighted for First Time in Kirirom Park

Cambodian researchers have taken photos of a rare spotted linsang, a jungle cat, in Kirirom National Park, according to an en­vironmental news service based in Geneva.

The sighting was the first ever in Cam­bodia, according to the news service.

A wildlife survey using camera traps in several locations in Cam­bodia recorded additional photos of tigers and leopards, clouded leopards, mar­bled cats, sun bears, Asian elephants, Asian wild dogs, gaur and banteng. The survey revealed more than 60 varieties of large mammals.

“This effort is an important first step toward identifying where we are going to have the greatest chance of conserving critically endangered wildlife species in Cambodia,” said Seng Teak, program coordinator for the World Wildlife Fund Cambodia office.

The Cambodian researchers were aided by the World Wildlife Fund, an independent foundation based in Switzerland, and the Wildlife Conservation Society, based at the Bronx Zoo in New York.

“Years of war and its tragic aftermath may have kept people from plundering this treasure trove of wildlife,” said Judy Mills, coordinator of the WWF’s tiger program.

“But today, people are flock­ing to extract the forest’s riches. These photos prove the extreme urgency of getting wildlife laws and anti-poaching measures in place in Cambodia.”

Many of the species caught on the trap live outside protected areas, or in logging concession areas.

The two wildlife organizations have been training Cambo­dians on conservation methods since 1998.



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