Rainsy Party Announces Boycott of Senate

The Sam Rainsy Party’s small Senate delegation released a statement Thursday saying it would boycott Friday’s Senate session in order to protest the lack of progress in talks to end the political deadlock after last year’s disputed election.

“The Sam Rainsy Party’s 11 members sitting in the two-party Senate have decided not to join the plenary session on April 11, 2014, in order to review some laws submitted by the one-party National Assembly,” the statement says.

“The Senators of the SRP would like to urge the parties that won National Assembly seats at the July 28 national election to please urgently complete discussions about the independence of the…. National Election Committee, reform of election processes and on a new election.”

The CPP has 46 Senators, well over the majority figure of 31 needed to pass most legislation. On Thursday, the ruling party issued a note, saying the opposition’s decision would have little impact.

“The announcement of the refusal to take part in the Senate plenary session on April 11 made by 11 senators will have no influence on…the activities of the Senate, as on every occasion quorum is always met and easily exceeded,” the CPP statement says.

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