Rainsy Fears CPP Fraud

kompong cham town – Sam Rainsy said early Friday that na­tio­nal and international observers will be unable to prevent widespread voting fraud in favor of the CPP. 

Speaking en route to a rally in Peam Thmous commune, 5 km down river from the provincial capital, he claimed thousands of na­tional observers outnumbering those from overseas are operating on the CPP’s be­half.

“In every polling station there are police and commune chiefs to intimidate the people. Then there are all these fake observers who will interfere with the vote. They will be the ones at the counting,” he char­ged.

“The international observers will only see 10 percent of the polling stations and for only one hour out of nine. It’s impossible to monitor such elections.”

He expressed concern about his party’s chances. “There will be ghost voters voting for the CPP,” he said. “There will be ballot stuffing. Ghosts can vote very fast.”

Later Friday, however, he pitched himself as the only alternative to the “corrupt” local admi­nistration here, telling voters that Sunday’s polls would be a two-horse race between his party and the CPP.

“There are only two parties, CPP and Sam Rainsy, that people might vote for,” he told a buoyant crowd of 5,000 supporters at a pagoda here. “The Cambodian people have lost hope in Fun­cinpec because it is so weak. The CPP government in Kompong Cham is very corrupt.”

And to thunderous applause, Sam Rainsy vowed to kick out the province’s CPP administration, led by the brother of Second Prime Minister Hun Sen, if he triumphs in the polls. Provincial Governor Hun Neang is Hun Sen’s brother.



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