Raided, Closed Massage Parlor Back in Business

The site of last year’s largest anti-trafficking bust is once again open for business.

World One Massage Parlor re­open­ed earlier this month after a six-month closure prompted by a 2005 police raid. The parlor is now offering “best quality, good service” massages and saunas at a 20-percent discount, ac­cording to an advertisement in the Rasmei Kampuchea Daily newspaper last week.

World One seemed to be doing good business Monday afternoon. A sidewalk near the front door was crowded with parked motorbikes. Three gleaming, unlicensed Land­cruisers stood at the curb.

An elderly woman sat at the front desk, near a guest register and a cabinet displaying bottles of liquor. Young women came and went through the dimly lit waiting room, wearing skimpy tops, short skirts and high heels.

World One Massage Parlor gain­ed infamy on June 28 when municipal anti-trafficking police raided the establishment, removing 88 women and making several arrests.

Three employees were sent to pris­on for debauchery, but were re­leased in January when, according to Prey Sar prison director Hak Vat, charges against the three were drop­ped. He said he did not know why the charges were dropped.

World One owner Sok Leng was also charged with debauchery and running a brothel, but has been miss­ing since June; it is un­known whether charges against him were also dropped. Police and court officials declined to comment on the char­ges being dropped when con­tact­ed in January. Former Phnom Penh Police Com­missioner Heng Pov said at the time of the raid last year that he had evidence that the parlor was a front for prostitution.

On Monday, a middle-aged wo­man dressed in white, who would not give her name or job title at World One, denied the establishment had ever been a place of de­bauchery.

“We sell Khmer massage for health,” she said, adding that Sok Leng was out and she didn’t know when he would return.


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