Raid on Cafe as Police Crack Down on Gambling

More than 10 people were arrested during a crackdown on an Internet cafe in Phnom Penh’s Pur Senchey district Monday on suspicion of gambling, a police official said.

The raid at the Blue Cafe Net on Kakab commune’s street 2005 took place about 4:30 p.m. according to local witnesses, who added that equipment from the building was also seized.

“I directly gave orders to crack down on this Internet cafe this afternoon,” said Brigadier General Chuon Narin, deputy Phnom Penh police chief.

Brig. Gen. Narin declined to confirm the exact number arrested, saying only that there were “more than 10.”

The crackdown comes as the World Cup entered its fifth day, an event that has sparked illegal gambling across coffee shops and Internet cafes. Asked whether the raid was related to World Cup betting, Mr. Narin said: “It is just our job to crack down on gambling.”

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