Racy Content Brings End to Magazine

Chumtong Reak Reay (Cheer­ful Youth) Magazine was shut down on Tuesday by the Ministry of Information because of the sexual content in the magazine.

Publisher of Chumtong Reak Reay, Lim El Djurado, said Thurs­day he was very surprised by the decision .

“I never received any letters or warnings from [Minister of In­formation] Lu Laysreng,” Lim El Djurado said.

“He is the father, we are the son, and we would not dare to go against him if he warned us,” he said

The publisher was sure to point out that Chumtong Reak Reay had never published articles in the past that had an impact on King Norodom Sihanouk, the government or politicians. Chum­tong Reak Reay has ben on newsstands for 10 years.

“We only published sex education and sex [advice] for our young readers,” he said.

Lim El Djurado said Ang­kor Thom magazine was only suspended for 30 days after the Ministry made a similar complaint.

“Why did they decide to shut us down forever?” he said.

“It is not fair and I am disappointed,” he added.

Lu Laysreng could not be reached for comment on Thurs­day.


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