Protesters Prevent Phanimex From Demolishing House

About 200 Borei Keila protesters yesterday prevented representatives of the Cambodian conglomerate Phanimex from demolishing a house after they descended on the site in the early hours of the morning brandishing axes and hammers.  Borei Keila resident Phork Sophin, 39, said more than 10 Phanimex staff arrived at 7 am to demolish her house, and that she had not received an apartment as compensation.

After Phanimex workers arrived at the site, Ms. Sophin gathered other residents to protest. “I protested against [the company staff], and then I gathered other villagers to help,” she said, adding that the family of Chum Oeun, an employee of Phanimex who has lived in her house for five years, received an apartment despite not having proper ownership documents.

Ms. Sophin also said that of her two houses, she has only received one apartment and is still awaiting the second. Com­munity representative Sar Sorn said Mr. Oeun was not a proper house owner and should not have received a new place.

However, Phanimex chairwoman Suy Sophan said Mr. Oeun’s family was not provided with an apartment. “Phork Sophin has received two apartments” as compensation in Prampi Makara district, said Ms. Sophan.

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