Prosecutor Drops Killing Case Against Police

Three Takeo province policemen held for the suspected beating death last month of an am­pu­tee cannot be prosecuted due to a lack of evidence in a police report that consisted entirely of their own accounts of the event, officials said.

“[The police report] was very thin. It is not enough to consider,” Ta­keo chief provincial prosecutor Kann Cheoun said Thursday. He added that in order to prosecute the officers, he would need more information from police re­ports.

Police said they will prepare another report, but provincial di­rec­tor of local rights group Adhoc, Men Makara, said that the prosecutor should open an in­ves­tigation irrespective of the po­lice reports.

“The court cannot rely on po­lice reports to make its decision, because the police reports are bi­ased,” he said on Thursday.

Keo Yann, 40, who lost his left leg to a land mine, was beaten and died on Oct 17 following a dispute with police officers over the arrest of his brother-in-law, witnesses reported.

According to the officers, however, Keo Yann was being arrested for a domestic violence complaint. But in an attempt to escape, he accidentally hit himself in the head with handcuffs at­tached to his wrists, Takeo Po­lice Chief Vuth Phally said at the time.

Although the victim’s wife made a report against the policemen to Adhoc, she would not file a complaint because police had given her compensation for her husband’s death, Men Makara said.

Takeo deputy police chief Suon Phon said on Thursday that the three officers were being de­tained at police headquarters.

“We are gathering the evidence and witnesses to complete [another] report and will send it to the court soon,” Suon Phon said.

“We suspended them to wait for the prosecutor to consider the case, [and] as punishment be­cause they were careless with their work,” he added.


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