Private Zoo Sees Birth of 3 Tiger Cubs

A 10-year-old tiger has given birth to three cubs at the private Kampot province zoo of CPP parliamentarian Nhim Vanda.

He said the three cubs were born at about 8:30 am Saturday at his 23-hectare Teuk Chhou Garden and Zoo near Bokor Nation­al Park. The one female cub and two male cubs weighed between 2.5 kg and 3 kg.

Nhim Vanda said he felt “so happy to see new births” and compared the births to those of his own “human offspring.”

The first-born cub, a female, was given the name Neang Sras, which means “beautiful girl.” One of the males has been named Toro, which means “bull” in Span­ish, but has taken on the colloquial definition of “strong and powerful” in Cambodia due to the advertising campaign for a similarly-named herbal wine.

The third cub has yet to be named. Nhim Vanda said he may call it Tnoo, which can mean either “December” or “arrow.”

The three cubs join six other tigers at the zoo. The zoo also has two lions, two baby elephants and 14 yellow crocodiles, Nhim Vanda said. He appealed to international wildlife organizations to help fund his conservation effort. He said he spends as much as $100 of his own money each day to pay for animal feed and worker salaries.

In the past, conservation officials and environmentalists said Nhim Vanda’s wildlife buying was indirectly encouraging poor villagers to hunt for wild animals.



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