Prison Guard Jailed for Helping Inmate Escape

A prison guard at Kompong Chhnang Provincial Prison was charged Saturday with assisting the escape last Tuesday of an inmate and has now replaced him as a prisoner at the facility, according to the prison’s director, Pov Vuthy.

The escaped inmate, Ie Tal, is still at large after breaking through his cell window on Tuesday night and scaling the prison’s security wall with about 18 months remaining of his five-year sentence for robbery.

“Tep Chanmakara, the chief of building B1, was detained in prison on Sunday afternoon after the provincial court charged him with being an accomplice,” Mr. Vuthy said.

No other prison guards are under suspicion at this point, but provincial police chief Prak Vuthy said three of Mr. Tal’s cellmates had also acted as accessories to the escape.

“I sent documents relating to the three prisoners who conspired in the prison escape to the court, but I don’t know yet what the charges will be and I don’t know what additional jail time they might get,” he said.

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