Prison Director Denies Drug Trafficker Released Early

A Prey Sar prison official on Tuesday denied a local media report that a man serving a 10-year jail term for a drug trafficking conviction four years ago had just received an early release.

Prison Director Srun Leang said Thai Tiny was still very much behind bars Tuesday following his jailing on charges related to smuggling drugs to Australia. “There’s no such release. I don’t know where the newspaper got the information from. He’s still in jail,” Mr. Leang said of Thai Tiny.

According to the report, Thai Tiny was arrested with the aid of Australian law enforcement four years ago for attempting to ship an unspecified quantity of drugs to Australia.

Citing an anonymous source, the report said that Thai Tiny had been released early without explanation.

Asked about the details of Thai Tiny’s arrest and imprisonment, Mr. Leang referred questions to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court. Chiv Keng, the court’s director, said he was unfamiliar with any case involving the convicted drug trafficker, adding, however, that early release was uncommon for serious drug offences.

“In general, the criminal who is guilty of a drug crime is rarely released [early],” Mr. Keng said.

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