Policeman To File Complaint Against Soldier

An officer of Chamkar Mon district’s elite Flying Tiger police force will launch a court complaint against the RCAF soldier who allegedly shot him in the leg on Monday night, a police official said on Wednesday.

Flying Tiger police officer Chan Sakhon, 26, was hit in the left leg, when a gunman opened fire outside an unnamed brothel on Sothearos Boulevard around 11 pm Monday. Two others—Prum Vicheat, 28, a Sam Rainsy Party security guard, and a civilian, Dy Kosal, 29—were also injured in the incident.

The soldier, Kim Tola, 27, was arrested within an hour of the shooting. He was released by Wednesday, according to a military police source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Municipal penal Police Chief Reach Sokhom said Chan Sak­hon will demand compensation for his injury from the suspect. “We need to find justice from the military police and the court,” Reach said.

“I or­dered his chief in Chamkar Mon district police to complain or ask for compensation for [Chan Sakhon], especially medical treatment, and for the two other men also,” he said.

According to witnesses, the gunman, who appeared to be drunk, fired into the air with a K-54 handgun. When the three men emerged from the brothel, they got into an argument with the suspect, then tried to drive away on a mo­torbike shortly after. The gunman then shot directly at them. Prum Vicheat and Chan Sak­hon remain in Calmette Hospital, Reach Sokhom said Wednesday. Dy Kosal received only minor injuries.

Long Ry, Sam Rainsy Party’s bodyguard chief, said the opposition party would look into the incident. But, he said, since Prum Vicheat had suspended his work with the party since Feb 16 in a bid to seek a higher income, the matter would be left to the police.

Deputy Municipal Military Po­lice Chief Sim Hong declined to comment on the incident Wednesday.

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