Police Still Guarding Poipet Customs Office After Clash

Authorities were still guarding the customs office in Poipet City on Thursday where military police opened fire as handcart-pullers protested on Monday, while a CNRP official accused of leading the demonstration has given compensation to a worker injured in the clash.

Chea Da, Poipet City military police commander, said his officers were guarding the office to ensure there were no repeats of the clash, which was sparked when military police broke up a protest by about 100 handcart-pullers calling for customs officials to stop charging them arbitrary fees to cross the Poipet international checkpoint.

“We are on duty at the customs office as it is a state building, so our military police officers are on a mission to protect,” he said.

Chao Veasna, a CNRP Poipet commune official, said that Mao Sun—a protester whose rumored death led to an attack on the customs office—had been given $100 by his officials.

“Mao Sun’s health condition is still very concerning because he is still in pain from where military police kneed him in the chest,” said Mr. Veasna, who city governor Ngor Mengchruon has accused of leading the demonstration.

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