Police Seize Wildlife Meat and Rescue Birds

Forestry officials confiscated about 100 kg of illegal wildlife meat, along with 49 live parrots and one monitor lizard, from a hunter traveling to sell his catch to a restaurant in Stung Treng province on Tuesday, a police chief said Wednesday.

Stung Treng City police chief Chhuok Komal said that forestry officials cooperated with preservation NGO Wildlife Alliance to arrest Keo Ratanak, 38, who resides in the province’s Siem Pang district, where he also hunts for wildlife.

“It is the first big bust [in Stung Treng City],” Mr. Komal said.

According to Mr. Komal, three dead porcupines, which weighed a combined 33.50 kg, as well as 45.50 kg of wild hog meat, was confiscated and destroyed.

The live monitor lizard and 49 parrots were rescued and set free, he added.

Mr. Komal said that Mr. Ratanak paid a fine of about $3,500 and was then released just hours after his arrest.


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