Police Search for Soldier Who Drunkenly Shot Friend

Police in Mondolkiri are searching for a soldier who accidentally shot his friend in the neck on Saturday while drunkenly playing with his military-issued pistol at the victim’s home in Koh Nhek district, officials said Sunday.

Provincial police chief Nhem Vanny said Meth Bros, 42, a Royal Cambodian Armed Forces soldier, had been drinking with his friend Phan Khorn, 43, at Mr. Khorn’s house in Sre Sangkum commune when he accidentally discharged his weapon.

“The gunman got drunk and was playing with his K-54 handgun and it fired and [the bullet] ricocheted and hit his friend,” Brigadier General Vanny said.

“The soldier is at large but our police are hunting to arrest him because we know his identity.”

District police chief Kan Penh said Mr. Khorn, whose family runs a stall at a local market, was recovering from surgery at the provincial referral hospital.

He said the bullet went through the victim’s neck and out his cheek.

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