Police Say Truck in Fatal Crash Had Faulty Brakes

The driver of a truck that crashed in Kratie province on Tuesday, killing eight of the 30 workers he was transporting to his cassava plantation, said Wednesday the vehicle overturned because its brakes were faulty, according to a police report.

Seven men and one woman were killed and 12 others injured when they were crushed underneath the truck after it came off a dirt track in Snuol district.

Chan Than, the driv-er and owner of Khmer Angkor Company, was hospitalized with serious injuries at Calmette Hospital in Phnom Penh, where police interviewed him Wednesday.

A copy of the police report said that as the truck was driving downhill it began speeding up, and Mr. Than was unable to use the brakes to slow down as they were broken.

Thorn Poch, deputy chief of the provincial traffic police, said the bodies had now been identified.

“The families of the victims have all come to collect their bodies to hold funerals for them,” he said.

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