Police Say Singaporean’s Killers Are Drug Addicts

Police said Thursday that they believe the four construction workers who have confessed to killing the 55-year-old Singaporean director of a Christian school are addicted to drugs.

Kompong Speu deputy provincial police chief Soam Bora said Keo Savuth, 32, Yean Lalie, 30, Ou Lymihong, 20, and Tong Sophal, 26, would be charged with murder in court today after they admitted to robbing and killing Wendy Lim.

The four had worked for several months constructing new buildings at the school compound.

Colleagues discovered the school director Tuesday morning with a bruised face and a deep head wound. Her body was found in her room at the partly built Glad Tidings International School, a Christian NGO-run junior high school in Kompong Speu province’s Chbar Mon City.

A smartphone, an iPad, a small amount of riel and 325 Singaporean dollars were later discovered buried on the grounds of the school, but the culprits missed more than $4,000, which was also in Wendy Lim’s room, police said.

“All of them are drug addicts, [we know] because our police took their urine for analysis,” said Mr. Bora, adding that the suspects had been working on building the school—which is affiliated to the New Hope for Orphans NGO—for more than four months.

He declined to say what kind of drugs the construction workers were addicted to, or whether they were under the influence of narcotics when they allegedly killed Wendy Lim.

“They confessed all their actions, how they robbed and murdered the victim,” he said.

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