Police Say Most Motorists Following New Traffic Law

The majority of vehicles inspected since the enactment of a new traffic law on Friday have been in compliance with the rules, police said on Sunday.

The country’s traffic police have been deployed en masse to enforce the new Land Traffic Law, which ups the penalties for speeding and other offenses, limits motorbike occupancy to a driver and one adult passenger, and requires all motorbike passengers to wear a helmet.

As of Sunday afternoon, police had inspected 80,000 vehicles, of which 70 percent were following the law, said Him Yan, deputy national police commissioner.

“The enforcement is going smoothly without any problems because we have seen that our people mostly comply with the traffic law,” he said.

Of the roughly 24,000 vehicles not following the law, he added, 10,000 were fined and the rest were only educated on the new rules.

“Among the drivers who were fined, most were motorbike drivers and it was firstly because the riders weren’t wearing helmets, secondly because there were three or more people on and thirdly because they did not have license plates,” Lieutenant General Yan said.

When asked why some drivers had gotten off with a warning, he said he was busy and hung up.

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