Police Say Grenade Arrests May Be Imminent

Police said Sunday that they have suspects in the grenade incident last week at Justice Minister Chem Snguon’s house, but de­clined to disclose details.

“We hope to find the attackers soon,” said Chen Chanpor, military police chief.

One grenade was thrown over the wall into the yard of the minister’s residence Thurs­day morning, while a second was found later outside the minister’s compound in Prampi Makara district.

Neither grenade exploded. The rings were pulled off, but the pins did not come out. Chem Snguon wasn’t at home at the time.

Chem Snguon couldn’t be reached for comment Sunday, but the pro-CPP Chakraval newspaper quoted him as blaming the military police for an attack designed to “kill his family.”

His comments were in reference to a case last month involving four military police in the beating and re-arrest of two government officials at Phnom Penh Municipal Court.

Chem Snguon complained to the two prime ministers, and his complaint led to the suspension of all four officers and the arrest of two of them. The other two are still at large.



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