Police Reveal Extent of Fake Documents Seized in Raid

The Interior Ministry on Friday revealed the extent of a trove of faked government documents and seals discovered in a Phnom Penh home and said it has widened its investigation beyond the three men already arrested.

The ministry’s penal police on Thursday raided the Daun Penh district home of Nav Sokhorn, 52, where they found a stash of fraudulent rubber seals that mimic those of a number of state institutions, as well as the personal seals of CPP lawmaker Kep Chuktema and Mao Chandara, director general of the Ministry of Interior’s department of identification.

Major General In Bora, director of the penal department, said that Mr. Sakhorn, as well as Suom Udomreaksmey, 24, and Nheb Vanna, 51, would appear before Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Sunday.

“Now we are investigating other people involved in the case besides these three men, so we can not give any more details,” he said.

The National Police Commissariat posted details of the investigation to its website late Thursday.

The post quotes Mok Chito, director of the central judiciary department, saying that the investigation was launched after a fake document bearing a signature, seal and license from the Ministry of Commerce was discovered.

Mr. Chito could not be reached for comment Friday. However, Eav Rith, chief of the penal police bureau, confirmed that the Commerce Ministry was involved.

“The Ministry of Commerce is the plaintiff in this case,” Mr. Rith said. “We are looking for more people involved in forging the documents,” he added, declining to comment further.

Commerce Minister Sun Chanthol said he was too busy to comment on the case.

The discovery of the fake Commerce Ministry document led police to the home of Mr. Sakhorn, where they found a stash of some 1050 rubber seals, 37 metal moulds, 2 copper moulds and equipment used to create the fraudulent items.

The fake seals include those of the ministries of commerce, economy and finance, foreign affairs, justice, education, agriculture and fisheries, as well as that of the National Bank.

The haul also included fake seals of the National Police, the police commissariats of five provinces, the prime minister’s bodyguard unit, the Phnom Penh Municipal Court and others.

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