Police Probe Two Attacks In Prey Veng VengAttacked in Prey Veng

Two grenades were thrown into the house of a newly elected CPP commune council member last Saturday, and the wife of a Sam Rainsy Party activist was badly beaten on Feb 7. Both at­tacks occurred in Prey Veng province.

The grenades were thrown into the house of Ham Nhor in Prey Knes commune, Mesang district. In addition, assailants fired more than 10 rounds from an AK-47. The attack occurred shortly after 7 pm.

Prey Veng province police were split on whether the incident was the result of “vindictiveness” or “political vindictiveness.” Deputy Chief Doeung Bunny said the attack was political, be­cause Ham Nhor had argued with members of “another political party” during the campaign.

Deputy Chief Chan Prakorb said he hadn’t decided if the attack was political, although he identified the other party as the Sam Rainsy Party.

Police said three or four suspects were seen at the house, and that police know some of them.

“We are working on this,” Doeung Bunny said.

On Feb 7 in Saynaread Ou­doum commune, Preah Sdach district, 33-year-old Bee Vy Yean was called out of her house around 7 pm and beaten by two men, said Prey Veng province Sam Rainsy Party chief Chea Poch.

Sav Rouk, the victim’s father-in-law, said Bee Vy spoke brief­ly with her husband after the attack before she fainted. She told him the two men beat her on the neck and torso. Chea Poch said Kim Mouk was a party activist.

Bee Vy Yean was taken to the Russian Hospital in Phnom Penh. She is unable to speak, Sav Rouk said.

“This is a political attack, be­cause she never had an argument with anyone,” Chea Poch said. “They beat people to intimidate activists.”

By Ban, Orey Veng provincial election committee chief, said he has received no complaint from the Sam Rainsy Party about the incident.


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