Police Ordered to Inspect Private Ambulance Licenses

National Police and National Military Police have been ordered by the Health Ministry to inspect the licenses of all private ambulances, which are often seen fighting for business at the scene of traffic accidents before charging exorbitant prices for their services.

“During the past year, the Health Ministry has seen that some private ambulances that do not use correct number plates still transport the victims of traffic accidents to their private clinics and pressure or force victims to pay high prices,” said the statement, signed by Secretary of State Te Kuysieng and directed to General Neth Savoeun and General Sao Sokha, the police and military police chiefs, respectively.

The statement, signed Monday and released on Tuesday, said the practice had been picked up by the media and was having negative effects on Cambodia, especially on tourism.

It also warned against the use of “counterfeit sirens.” Por Phak, a spokesman for the National Police, said that traffic police, who are busy enforcing the new traffic law, would be ordered to inspect ambulances as well.

A military police spokesman could not be reached for comment.

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