Police Official’s Son Given Bail on Gun Charge

The 25-year-old son of Takeo prov­ince’s deputy police chief was released on bail Wednesday after being arrested for allegedly threatening two military policemen with an AK-47 in a karaoke parlor, police and court officials said Thursday.

Deputy provincial police chief Kong Sam Oun said his son, Oun Tithri­thy, was given bail by the prov­incial court after a relative paid $112.

Han Rith, court deputy prosecutor, said Oun Tithrithy was charged with illegal use of a weap­on.

Takeo Provincial Police Chief Vuth Phally said the 25-year-old was ar­rested on Sunday after the al­leged in­cident in Daun Keo district on Satur­day.

District police chief On Sarin said the owner of the karaoke shop wrestled the weapon out of Oun Tith­ri­thy’s hands after an argument erup­ted between him and the two military policemen, identified as Sem Sam Ath, 23, and Chea Vaing, 25.

“The owner of the karaoke shop stopped him on time and grabbed his gun from him and yelled to the two victims to escape,” he said, adding that the two military policemen were unarmed.

Kong Sam Oun said his son had done nothing wrong.

“In fact my son did not illegally use a weapon. The [military police of­ficers] started a verbal argument with my son. After the argument, my son went out from the karaoke shop to call his friends for help,” Kong Sam Oun said.

He added that if his son is found to have used a weapon illegally, the courts should decide his fate.



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