Police Officer Detained, Freed After Alleged Attack on Driver

A military police officer was detained and questioned after allegedly beating a man and pulling his gun on him following a minor traffic accident in Prampi Makara district, police officials said.

But despite the allegations, police said they had no plans to send the officer to court, having released him after an “education.”

According to a statement posted on the website of the National Police Commissariat, the accident took place when the victim, Kuch Chamroeun, abruptly stopped at a red light and the motorbike of the officer, Yean Ra, collided into his motorbike.

After a brief argument, the victim drove away, but the officer caught up with him at a gasoline station—where he allegedly proceeded to punch him six times, kick him twice, and pointed his pistol at him, according to the police statement.

Prampi Makara district military police officers arrived at the gas station and brought both victim and suspect for questioning before sending the suspect to the Phnom Penh Military Police headquarters, the statement continues.

“The victim accused the suspect of beating him and pointing his pistol at him,” said Soy Chandy, district military police commander. “However, the suspect said he did not beat the victim and did not point his gun at him.”

“I sent the suspect to the Phnom Penh Military Police headquarters, but the victim did not file a complaint against the suspect,” Mr. Chandy added.

Major General Rath Srieng, commander of the Phnom Penh military police said that he did not know the details of the case and referred questions to the investigating team.

“It is [based on] the accusations of the victim and we will continue to investigate more,” he said.

But deputy municipal military police commander Colonel Pol Davy said the suspect was not sent to court.

“We just educated and disciplined him,” he said. “The victim did not file a complaint against the suspect.”

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