Police Officer Considered for Two Gov’t Posts Shot Dead

A officer in the National Eco­nom­ic Police Department who had been under consideration for promotion to two different high government posts was shot dead at about 7:30 pm Thursday as he slept at his home on Kampuchea Krom Boulevard.

Captain Chea Sereybot was shot three times by an assailant who used a K-59 gun fitted with a silencer, said Chea Sereyvat, the victim’s brother.

Because a silencer was used, Chea Serey­bot’s wife did not realize her husband had been shot until she saw him bleeding, said Bel Bunthy, the victim’s brother-in-law.

Chea Sereybot recently told his brother he feared for his life after receiving an anonymous telephone call offering him $10,000 if he agreed to remove himself from consideration for one of the po­sitions.

Chea Sereybot had said there were many people competing to be an assistant to co-Min­ister of In­terior Sar Kheng, Chea Serey­vat said. Chea Sereybot was al­so a candidate to be chief of three road checkpoints, where economic police inspect goods being shipped by truck and car.

Bel Bunthy said two young men—one of whom was holding a gun—reportedly were seen by a young neighbor walking out of Chea Sereybot’s building near the corner of Kampuchea Krom and Mao Tse-tung boulevards.


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