Police Office Hit by Grenade, Rocket Attack

A B-40 rocket was shot into a dis­trict police chief’s car in Ban­teay Meanchey province late Fri­day, killing a man and critically in­­juring a woman. The shooting oc­curred only minutes af­ter a gre­nade attack on the O’Chrou district office, officials said Sunday.

No one was injured in the gre­nade attack, but the rocket killed militiaman Din Rithy, 41, who was stationed near the scene of the blast, and seriously wounded his wife Srey Pov, 38.

At about 11 pm Friday, a group of unidentified men lobbed a gre­nade into the district headquarters, causing little damage, said Ban­­­teay Meanchey provincial po­lice chief At Khem.

Organizing a search for the per­pe­­trators, O’Chrou district police Chief Nuth Ly said he drove to the scene, pausing at a militia post at Mit­­­tapheap market, in the district’s Poipet commune, where Din Rithy was stationed.

Nuth Ly was still in the driver’s seat of his Toyota Camry when the B-40 rocket hit his car, destroying it and killing Din Ri­thy, he said.

Srey Pov was brought to Mongkol Borey district hospital and re­mains there in critical condition.

“The offenders wished to kill me by shooting a B-40 rocket,” Nuth Ly said, adding that he got away unharmed.

He said he suspected the at­tacks were revenge for his having cracked several crime rings.

“Recently, I have cracked down on many gang groups in town, es­pe­cially drug smuggling,” he said.

Banteay Meanchey military po­lice Chief Roth Sreng and O’Chrou district Governor Keo Sen said they believed the attackers lob­bed the grenade in order to set up an ambush on Nuth Ly.

“They made chaos for the po­lice, then hid to shoot Nuth Ly with the B-40 rocket. Their aim was to kill the district police chief,” Roth Sreng said. At least three people were involved in the two at­tacks, he added.

Provincial police Chief At Khem said police did not believe the at­tack involved any organized armed group.

“It is no problem. It is a small case,” he said.


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