Police Offer Reward in Ex-Officer Manhunts

The National Military Police will pay a $2,500 reward to anyone with information about the whereabouts of military policemen wanted in connection with three separate shooting deaths, National Mil­i­tary Police Commander Sao Sok­ha said Tuesday.

“We are giving the reward of 10 mil­lion riel to anyone who will tip the competent authority about the sus­pects’ whereabouts,” Sao Sok­ha said. “We are taking tough­er action to bring the suspects to the court. We don’t want the kil­lers to be at large,” he said.

One of the Military Police officers at large is accused earlier this year of shooting a boy who was running from a poultry farm with another child suspected of stealing some ducks.

A second suspect, Keo Sinoeun, 26, is accused of killing his commander, Lieutenant Colonel Puth Sam Dalek, 38, on July 6.

Keo Sinoeun was reportedly en­raged at Puth Sam Dalek for pub­lic­ly reprimanding him for not wear­ing his helmet while on sentry duty at the former RCAF Joint Chiefs of Staff Headquarters on No­rodom Boulevard. He fired into the colonel’s Toyota four-wheel-drive with an AK-47 rifle. He then pulled the colonel’s bullet-ridden body from the car and shot him se­v­eral more times. Keo Sinoeun is suspected of having fled on a hi­jacked motorbike.

Municipal Court Prosecutor Uk Sa­vuth said the court has issued an arrest warrant for the third suspect, Khan Neang, 28, ac­cused of kil­ling one man and wounding another as they drove away on a mo­torbike after a dispute stemming from a truck that passed through a Dangkao district checkpoint without stopping Nov 23.

Adhoc spokesman Chan So­veth, who has previously criticized authorities for delaying Khan Neang’s arrest warrant to allow him time to escape, welcomed the war­rant and reward offer but was dubious about the case’s future. “This shows that the au­thorities are paying attention to the case, but I think they are only speaking without acting, because when the authorities were there, they did not arrest any perpetrators before they escaped.”

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