Police Make Nine Arrests in Two Drug-Trafficking Cases

Nine suspects have been ar­rested since Thursday for their alleged involvement in two separate cases related to the illegal trafficking of methamphetamines, police said yesterday.

On Friday, police arrested Lao na­tional Denekaseth Pataohy, 48, and In­­dian national Bhagat Shiv­da­­yal, 25, in Daun Penh district, after po­­­lice con­fiscated almost 1 kilogram of methamphetamines from Mr Pa­­taohy’s hotel room in Phsar Thmei III commune, said Colonel Van Ko­­sal, chief of the Mi­nis­­try of In­­­terior’s anti-drug trafficking department.

“We have confiscated 936 grams of methamphetamines and two vehicles that they used for drug trafficking,” said Col Kosal. “We have been observing their actions for about a month and their in­volve­­ment in drug smuggling.”

He said that the two men were sent yesterday to the municipal court for further questioning, where it was discovered that the men trafficked the illegal drugs from Stung Treng province.

Keu Bunnara, municipal depu­ty pro­­­­secutor, said that language barriers had created difficulties in communicating with the suspects, and fur­­­­ther interrogation will take place today with the aid of a translator.

In a separate case, Chamkar Mon district police on Thursday ar­­­­­­rested seven people in Phsar Doeum Thkov commune, charging the suspects with drug trafficking, drug dealing and using methamphetamines, police said.

Deputy district police chief Kul Yi said police arrested the suspects as they were dealing illegal drugs in a residential home they were using as a hideout.

“We caught them as they were using and deal­­­ing to each other,” he said.

Mr Bunnara said that of the suspects apprehended, two were charged with drug trafficking and one with drug dealing. One was charged with providing the home, and three with using drugs.

He added that an eighth unidentified suspect, who fled the scene during the bust, remained at large.

“Seven suspects are in pretrial detention in Prey Sar Prison, and another one we are seeking to make the arrest,” Mr Bunnara said.


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