Police Keep $4,000 Found at Kandal Murder Scene as Evidence

Kandal provincial police investigating the killing of three women in Takhmau City are holding $4,000 of the $10,000 found at the scene of the crime as evidence, provincial police chief Iev Chamroeurn said yesterday.

Police found $10,000 tucked in a mattress at the Takhmau commune home of Sok Koeu, 48, who was found murdered along with her 24-year-old daughter Seng Muoy Kea and their 15-year-old domestic servant Pach Sreynia on Oct 9.

Mr Chamroeurn said the other $6,000 was given to the victims’ relatives for funeral preparations after the relatives asked for the funds.

“All the property and money seized have been recorded,” he said. “We, the police, will not take any money or the victims’ belongings.”

He added that the money and property will be returned to victims’ relatives as decided by the courts.

“We need to keep some of the money as evidence,” Mr Chamroeurn said. “The deputy prosecutor made the decision to give the money to the relatives.”

But Mr Chamroeurn declined to comment on possible suspects, clues or motives, as the investigation is still ongoing.

Provincial penal police chief Moeu Chantha said yesterday police are currently investigating the case but also declined to comment further.

“We need to keep confidential for investigating,” he said.

The three women were found lying dead on a mattress in a room above the family’s Chinese noodle restaurant from a single bullet wound, on Oct 10. Mr Chantha said the house showed no sign of forced entry and that investigators suspected that there were two gunmen. The next day, Mr Chantha said he did not think the motive was robbery because the large amount of money was left in the home. Forensic evidence showed that the women were shot around 20 hours before their bodies were found.

According to a relative, who did not want to be identified, Mr Koeu was a widow and Ms Muoy Kea was her only daughter.

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