Police Interrogate Facebook Users After Xenophobic Live Broadcast

A group of Facebook users were questioned by police on Wednesday after streaming live from a pagoda in Takeo province, and preparing to distribute copies of the Paris Peace Agreements while urging viewers to think about which foreigners stood behind various officials.

The video, seen more than 15,000 times as of 5 p.m., featured Srun Srorn, who said his purpose was to explain the agreements, which were struck in 1991 to end more than a decade of war.

“This document is a document that can make the young generation of Cambodia clearly know friend from enemy, can make us clearly know which leader is patriotic and which leader is unpatriotic,” Srorn said in the Wednesday morning broadcast from Bati district.

In full: https://vodenglish.news/police-interrogate-facebook-users-after-xenophobic-live-broadcast/

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