Police Give Up Search for Car in Bizarre Fatal Accident

After two weeks of fruitless searching, municipal traffic police are giving up their investigation  of a bizarre March 12 accident that took the life of a Prey Veng pro­vince man.

Municipal traffic officer Chev Hak said Sunday that police do not have enough information. He said they have been looking without success for a Toyota Camry with a license plate that begins OI83. Too many cars carry OI plates, he said. “It is difficult to find. It is just like finding a pin in the ocean.”

Mao So Ny, chief of the municipal traffic police, said the accident oc­curred around 8 pm on Poch­en­tong Boulevard near Tek Tla pagoda in Dangkao district.

He said Chap Hour was driving his red Wave motorcycle west when he tried to pass a car. As he overtook the car, a second motorcycle in front of him braked suddenly. As Chap Hour braked, he crashed, falling into the path of the Camry, which was headed for Phnom Penh. The Camry drove over him and his motorcycle.

Witnesses said the car was traveling fast. The driver accelerated away from the scene, the witnesses said.

Mao So Ny said other witnesses reported seeing the Camry stop in the vicinity of Santhormok High School near Kampuchea Krom Boulevard. An occupant was seen removing something from one of the car’s tires—Mao So Ny said it was portions of Chap Hour’s face—before speeding away. Chap Hour died at Kossa­mak Hospital the next day.


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