Police Find No Evidence of Rocket Attack

Police investigating an alleged rocket attack Sunday in Kompong Cham province on a car belonging to Sam Rainsy Party lawmaker Lim Sokun said Thursday the attack never happened.

“The police, military police and local authorities have checked the village, but no B40 attack oc­curred at all,” said Seng Sokim, deputy chief of judicial police.

He said officials had interview­ed people and investigated the area in Phnom Ampil village, in the Prey Kak commune of Stung Trang district, where the attack was reported.

Sam Rainsy Party officials said earlier in the week that Lim So­kun’s wife, daughter and a driver were in his car, which carries National Assembly license plates, when someone fired a B40 rocket. The rocket supposedly  mis­sed the vehicle by about 15 meters.

No one was reported hurt in the incident.



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