Police Boost Road Security in Takeo Province

In an effort to provide better security and keep traffic moving along National Route 2, Takeo provincial authorities opened a new military police station over the weekend.

Located on the stretch of road between Tonle Bati and Phnom Tamau Zoo, officials say it will increase safety for tourists heading to the zoo. National Route 2 also links Phnom Penh with Kampot province and the Viet­nam border.

“It is very necessary that we have these policemen permanently deployed along the road because local and foreign visitors travel [frequently] to our tourist areas,” said Takeo province governor Kep Chuktema, who joined National Military Police Com­mander Sao Sokha at the opening of the  station.

Sao Sokha said his 20-man force, equipped with three patrol motorcycles and one jeep, will also be checking for illegal smuggling and overloaded vehicles.

He noted Route 2 traffic is especially heavy on Sundays and holidays, with traffic jams that sometimes last for hours.

Sao Sokha said the purpose of his men will be to help ease the situation.

Responding to concerns that the policemen may disturb people traveling, Sao Sokha said he has ordered his men not to abuse the human rights of passengers if they are not found guilty of anything.

“The armed forces have to serve people well, not disturb them,” he told the gathering.



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