Police Blame Resistance for Village Blaze

siem reap – Provincial police on Tuesday accused resistance soldiers of burning down six houses late Monday night in Kompong Th’kao village, 54 km northwest of here.

Village militiamen alerted by the flames witnessed a group of ab­out 25 men fleeing the scene of the burning homes, according to Tann Chay, provincial police chief.

The militia reacted by firing their AK-47s and lobbing one hand grenade into the pack of fleeing men, but none of the suspects was injured or captured, said Tann Chay. No one was injured in the blaze, he said, adding that he believed the group of men to be renegades from RCAF Div­i­sion 3.

Members of Division 3 fled into the jungles to join the resistance after factional fighting polarized the military along political lines. It was unclear why they would have set the houses on fire.

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