Police Ask for Information on Thai Murder Suspects

Sihanoukville police are seeking the public’s help to find two suspects allegedly involved in the murder of a British man in Thailand last week, following a formal request from Thai authorities for assistance in the investigation, officials said on Thursday.

“There was a request submitted to us asking for cooperation,” said Chhay Sinarith, deputy commissioner of the National Police.

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Abel Caldeira Bonito and Miles Dicken Turner, suspects in the murder of a British man in Pattaya, Thailand on Tuesday, in photographs released by the Royal Thai Police

Thai police last week identified South African Abel Caldeira Bonito, 23, and Briton Miles Dicken Turner, 27, as suspects in the death of Tony Kenway, who was shot in the head while sitting in his car in Pattaya, a Thai resort town, on January 24.

The men reportedly entered Cambodia that same day through the Cham Yeam International Checkpoint in Koh Kong province.

Along with three photographs of each suspect and an image of their passports, Nop Sambo, a Sihanoukville immigration police officer, on Thursday posted a plea for assistance in a Facebook group for the city’s residents.

“Need all of you to cooperate with the information that involves with two of these men specifically where the place of their accommodation,” the post says.

A Facebook page bearing the name and photo of Mr. Bonito, who was identified as the suspected shooter, features pictures of Sihanoukville beaches and guesthouses from 2013 and last year.

Mr. Bonito worked at a Phnom Penh bar last year, but told colleagues after a few months that he was taking a new job in Sihanoukville.

Police asked members of the public with information to contact them at 015-373-437.

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