Police Arrest Thai Hunters With Makeshift Guns

Police arrested two Thai men carrying makeshift rifles and more than 200 rounds of ammunition yesterday morning in Preah Vihear province after Cambodian soldiers saw them hunting illegally, officials said.

Cambodian soldiers spotted Sin La, 57, and Hak Vin, 34, hunting wildlife 1 km from the Thai-Cambodian border in Choam Ksan district’s Choam Ksan commune on Sunday, but the two managed to escape before being apprehended by Cambodian military police, said Chhour Bunsong, military police commander for Choam Ksan district.

“It is not the first time our forces arrested Thai villagers who were hunting and searching for wild vegetables in Cambodian forests,” Major Bunsong said. After the arrest, police found the men had two makeshift rifles, 200 ball bearings used for ammunition, 37 shotgun shells and a half bottle of gunpowder, Maj. Bunsong said, adding that he turned the two over to immigration police in Choam Ksan district.

Choam Ksan district Governor Chea Kimseng said Sunday that once the military commander at Preah Vihear temple confirmed the two were not Thai soldiers or spies, he arranged for them to be sent back to Thailand today.

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