Police Arrest Alleged Ringleader of Acleda Bank Robbery

Police on Saturday arrested the alleged ringleader of an October robbery in which four men stole $50,000 from a Taiwanese businessman in the parking lot of Acleda Bank’s Phnom Penh headquarters, officials said.

Municipal penal police chief Chuon Narin said the suspect, Oum Chivorn, 29, was tracked down on Saturday morning while driving a Toyota CRV in Phnom Penh.

While Oum Chivorn initially eluded police and switched vehicles to a Toyota Camry, police arrested him when he returned that night to his rental home in Russei Keo district’s Toek Thla commune, he said.

Oum Chivorn, with three other men, allegedly carried out the Oct 7 armed robbery of 52-year-old Ly Minh Yang as he carried a black plastic bag reportedly containing $50,000 in cash through the parking lot of Acleda’s headquarters on Monivong Boulevard.

Chuon Narin said that Oum Chi­vorn had previously served three years in jail for a 2001 motorbike theft, and police recognized his face when reviewing Acleda bank’s security camera footage of the robbery.

Oum Chivorn appeared at the Phnom Penh Municipal Court Saturday for questioning but has not yet been charged and is still in police custody, Chuon Narin said, adding that the suspect is not cooperating.

Police have also identified, but not apprehended, other suspects in the robbery, he said.

Acleda Bank President and CEO In Channy on Monday welcomed the arrest, but noted that it took longer than expected.

“It was a bit of a long time to arrest the suspect, since our bank had set up security cameras to protect and record all clients’ actions,” he said by telephone on Monday.

The day after the Oct 7 robbery, municipal police chief Touch Naruth had raised questions about the amount of money reported stolen in the heist.

Touch Naruth could not be reached for comment Monday.

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