Police Appoint New Officers

Authorities Tuesday appointed two new municipal police officers in a ceremony led by national police three-star General Teng Savong.

Heng Pao, who transferred from the Ministry of Interior’s Penal Police Department, re­placed outgoing Phnom Penh Police Chief Poa Lommy. Heng Pao is also a former anti-drug police chief from Phnom Penh’s headquarters.

Thach Yen, who transferred from the information department at the Ministry of Interior, re­placed Kao Lorprapey, the information police chief, officials said.

Speaking to a delegation of po­lice officials, Heng Poa vowed to work hard and strengthen ties be­tween the seven other district po­lice chiefs in the capital to fight crime. “This problem is heavy- du­ty and we need solidarity with the people of the city to cut criminal acts down,” Heng Pao said.

Other officials used the swearing in as a chance to clarify na­tion­al police policy, which has come under fire in recent weeks.

Ministry of Interior Personnel De­partment Deputy Director Chhim Sarath read to the national police an order reminding them they are not allowed to create court cases without permission of the judicial police.

“It could violate the rights of the people,” Chhim Sarath said. Im­proper police procedure has long plagued Cambodia’s often undertrained and corrupt police force, which is comprised of a number of local and national branches whose jurisdictions can blur.


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