Police Admit Man Tortured, Died in Custody; Family Wants More Money

Kompong Thom provincial Po­lice Chief Mao Pov confirmed Wednesday that a 30-year-old man died after being tortured by two military police officers while in detention Dec 29 and 30.

The family of Tous Sdoeung, however, have withdrawn their complaint against the two officers accused of torturing him to death after receiving $750 in compensation, Mao Pov said.

“It is quite true that the man was tortured,” Mao Pov said by telephone.

Though the victim’s family agreed in writing Jan 6 not to sue the two military police officers based in Sandan district’s Tomring commune, Mao Pov said the case has been sent to provincial court.

Tous Sdoeung was arrested by military police Dec 29 after burning down his own house and beating his wife while drunk. His badly battered and bloody body was returned to his family the following day.

Adhoc Provincial Coordinator Nguon Solina said Wednes­day that the family of Tous Sdoeung felt forced to accept the compensation from the military police but have since appealed for more.

On Jan 10, the victim’s wife lodged a complaint with Adhoc seeking an additional $1,250 in compensation from the military police officers who were allegedly responsible for Tous Sdoeung’s death.

“The victim’s wife was forced into accepting the low compensa­tion…which is why she appealed to us for more compensation,” Nguon Solina said.

The military police officers involved have since been re­moved from their posts, she added.

“We are not sure whether they will be suspended from work or if they will be promoted.”

Kompong Thom military police chief Dy Phen declined to comment on the case Wednesday.

Provincial Court Prosecutor Huot Hy said Wednesday that he had yet to receive the police report but would act once it arrived.


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