Poipet Safe From Water Shortage, Governor Says

Poipet City’s governor said Thursday that residents did not need to worry that their taps could run dry, despite a warning earlier this week by the private company that provides the city’s water that supplies were running low.

Following a meeting between governor Nguon Mengchruon and the director of Anco Water Supply, Mr. Mengchruon said they had agreed to implement a contingency plan in the event that the company’s reservoir dries up, which would see the company purchase and install pipes to transport water from two state-owned reservoirs.

Mr. Mengchruon explained that the two state-owned reservoirs are fed by a stream and occasionally used by residents to irrigate their farmland in Nimit commune, about 10 km away from Anco’s own reservoir.

“This morning, the company agreed to spend their money to start a plan if their reservoir runs out of water and there’s no rainfall,” he said.

“After we visited their reservoir, we saw that the water there can supply the city for 15 to 20 days. If there is no rainfall after 20 days, the company will start the plan.”

Anco Water Supply on Monday said residents’ water supply would be reduced over the next two weeks and asked them to scale back their usage, warning that if it did not rain by that time, the water would be shut off.

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