PM’s Nephew Has Yet to See Mom, Siblings

Nhim Pisey, Prime Minister Hun Sen’s nephew who was detained and charged last week in connection with a nightclub shooting, complained Thurs­day that his family has yet to visit him in prison. But the 19-year-old added that the food at his new home, PJ prison, is adequate.

“My mother has not come to see me because she is abroad along with my brothers,” he said, while exercising in the prison yard. He looked pale but said he was well-fed with food made by guards. “The food is OK,” he said.

Nhim Pisey is expected to remain at the prison for the next four to six months while the investigation continues, said PJ Prison Director Srey Watha.

He is charged with possessing and firing an illegal weapon. Two were injured in the incident at the popular Manhattan Club.

Nhim Pisey is the son of Hun Synath, Hun Sen’s sister, and Nhim Chantara, Cambodia’s ambassador to Burma.

Hun Sen has said last week that he will not try to protect his nephew from punishment.

Carrying or transporting illegal arms is punishable by six months to three years in prison, while a conviction for assault and battery with a weapon carries a sentence from four months to four years.

, according to the penal code.

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