PM Wants KR Tribunal as Soon as Possible

Prime Minister Hun Sen said Wednesday he wants to see lawmakers move as quickly as possible on a draft law for trying former Khmer Rouge leaders.

Hun Sen was responding to comments made earlier this week by  National Assembly Presi­dent Prince Norodom Rana­riddh, who said the parliament would likely not be able to debate the draft law this year.

Despite pressure from the international community to push the law through quickly, the prince said government officials are tied up with flood relief and too busy to deal with the draft.

Though Hun Sen said he wants the law to be acted on quickly, he said the matter is out of his hands since the government sent the draft law to the National Assembly.

“As the law is delayed, [the only thing we can do] is let them be free or what?” Hun Sen said in comments during a flood relief distribution in Kompong Cham, which were broadcast on Apsara radio. “I want the court to work on this quickly so the Khmer Rouge ghosts cannot haunt us anymore.”

He said the Khmer Rouge has “caused trouble for 20 years and this has not yet ended.”


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