PM Questions Abuse Figures

Prime Minister Hun Sen told those attending an anti-violence workshop last week that relatives should stay out of family disputes because they often make the problems become more serious.

“In my life, I never interfere in a dispute in my own family,” Hun Sen said. “If they try to reconcile the family, it is good. But if they try to be on one side, it’s like a lawyer that brings the case to court. And most of those cases end in divorce. But if they don’t intervene, maybe a husband continues to beat his wife. So the issues must be weighed.”

The prime minister took issue with statistics supplied by NGOs, including one survey that suggested as many as one woman in five claimed to have been forced to have sex with her husband.

“This figure is very high,” Hun Sun said. “If it’s so, the problem is very serious.” He said “real data” should be gathered and studied so the government can change the marriage and family laws in order to reduce domestic violence.



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