PM Goes Home From Hospital

Second Prime Minister Hun Sen left Calmette Hospital Tues­day morning to continue his recuperation from an appendectomy at home, according to one of his aides. 

Muth Khieu said the second prime minister will not preside over any ceremonies until the results of Sunday’s general election are released. The results are expected to be announced by Aug 4.

“Now he is okay, but he cannot do hard things like lifting,” Muth Khieu said, adding Hun Sen will, however, cast his ballot on election day.

He will convalesce in his Takh­mau residence, Muth Khieu said.             “Sam­­­­­­dech [Hun Sen] will stay at home to try to stabilize the election atmosphere.”

Hun Sen underwent surgery for appendicitis on Friday. He first experienced severe stomach pains while digging a trench at a ceremony in Takeo province earlier that same day.

Although the second prime min­­ister has said he would not campaign for the upcoming elections, he had been making regular Fri­day morning appearances.

Doctors have said recovery from an appendectomy usually requires two to three weeks of rest before the patient returns to normal.

Hun Sen also spoke to re­porters Monday during a press conference at Calmette when he said he was in pain but “not in any type of danger.”

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