PM Warns Against Fishery, Forestry Abuse

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Monday warned government officials working in fisheries and forestry not to abuse their power over local communities, adding that their continued employment depends on him holding onto power.

“If the prime minister’s reform of the forest is unsuccessful, then ministers, the secretary of state and other government members will lose their posts,” Hun Sen said. “The Constitution clearly says that if the prime minister’s position is melted, a new Cabinet must be organized. So it is not that I leave alone and all of you stay in. That is impossible. We would all have to leave. So don’t forget we have to act as a unit to govern this issue well.”

Hun Sen delivered his warnings Tuesday at the Cambodiana Hotel at a development seminar for provincial and municipal leaders aimed at enhancing rural livelihoods. The premier reminded officials at the seminar that fishing lots be­long to the public.

“People who have power claim that they can take the [fishing] lot to hand over to a group of people to make business,” he said.

“If this point is still continued it is a serious mistake for local authorities and institutions responsible for this domain. This should be the people’s right to accept.”

“If any governance is not clear then the [local authorities] have to go and inspect the area. This is necessary for people to maintain our reforms of the fisheries and to eliminate corruption from the lot,” he said.


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