Plantation Worker Charged With Rape of Daughter

The Kratie Provincial Court on Thursday charged a plantation worker with aggravated rape after he admitted to attacking his 7-year-old daughter while drunk last month.

Srim Tola, 35, was arrested on Tuesday in Sambor district on the cassava plantation where he worked after his wife filed a complaint with police.

Upon arrest, Mr. Tola admitted to raping his daughter after returning home drunk on November 29, claiming he “could not control his feelings.”

Um Phy, deputy provincial police chief, said Investigating Judge Sok Leang charged Mr. Tola with aggravated rape after questioning him over the attack, which took place while his wife was out visiting a neighbor.

“When his wife was not at home, he had the opportunity to rape his daughter. It seems strange—even tigers never eat their own babies,” he said.

The victim was still recovering at the district hospital on Thursday, he said, adding that Mr. Tola was being held in provisional detention.

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