Photographs Put ‘Psychedelic’ Spin on City Markets

As the name of the exhibition indicates, “Psar Idyllic” is about markets.

A collection of composite images created by avid amateur photographer Cedric Delannoy, it attempts to capture the noise, colors and commotion that assault shoppers who venture into one of Phnom Penh’s aging emporiums.

'Red Dwarf' by Cedric Delannoy
‘Red Dwarf’ by Cedric Delannoy

Each piece is comprised of four identical photographs taken inside the markets by the 34-year-old Belgian agricultural engineer during his many strolls through the city.

When Mr. Delannoy first began looking at his photos, he felt they did not evoke the “effervescence of all manners of objects [that often made] vendors seem to dissolve…into their own products.”

To render that feeling, he positioned four together to create a kaleidoscopic—or “psychedelic”—effect reminiscent of artwork from the 1960s.

Mr. Delannoy moved to Cambodia in late 2011 to work on a E.U.-funded food security project for indigenous communities in Ratanakkiri province.

His exhibition opens at The Plantation hotel in Phnom Penh at 6:30 p.m. today.

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