Phnom Penh Port Cargo Up More Than 20 Percent

The Phnom Penh Autonomous Port saw a 21 percent increase in shipping in 2014, according to the government’s latest figures on the number of standard containers that passed through the Transport Ministry-run facility.

The total number of containers leaving and entering the port rose from 110,500 in 2013 to 133,666 last year, according to a port official who is not authorized to speak with the media and so spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The source said most of the containers that left the port were carrying garments, rice and other agricultural products, and headed for the U.S.

The goods brought in included mostly the raw materials for the country’s garment sector, along with household and industrial products, construction materials and vehicle parts.

Kang Chandararot, director of the Cambodia Institute of Development Studies, said the jump in shipping through the port was likely due, in large part, to an uptick in economic growth abroad.

“This growth comes from the international markets, especially the U.S., where the economy is getting better,” he said.

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