Phnom Penh Crime on Upswing, Chief Warns

The end of the rainy season and the water festival bring lots of vacationers, tourists and festival-goers to Phnom Penh, but police say it’s also bringing an unwelcome criminal element.

“I am very disappointed when I hear about Phnom Penh people getting hurt in robberies—four times in one day,” Municipal Police Chief Sourn Chhenly said, referring to four separate robberies, one which led to a homicide, around the city Tuesday.

There has been a general upsurge in crime, the chief said.

“Our policemen are investiga­ting to arrest the robbers, but robbery cases are on the increase lately. We are working hard both day and night to crack down on them,” Sourn Chhenly said.

Police have warned people to travel in groups or walk quickly to and from work, school, and home, varying routes but staying on main roads, and to be careful not to flaunt cash or jewelry.


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