Pedophile’s Absence Prompts Delay for Extradition Hearing

The Appeal Court on Thursday delayed a hearing over Russia’s request to extradite convicted pedophile Alexander Trofimov to face trial for child sex crimes allegedly committed in Moscow.

Trofimov was not present at the Appeal Court yesterday morning, prompt­­ing presiding Judge Seng Sivutha to delay the hearing until the convicted man could be brought before the court. The judge ruled that a new hearing would be held in “one or two weeks.”

Judge Sivutha said that a Russian federal prosecutor had requested the Cambodian government to extradite Trofimov, who is currently serving 17 years in Preah Sih­anouk provincial prison for sexually abusing multiple young girls. Trofimov, whose real name is Molodyakov Stanislav, is listed by Interpol as being wanted in Mos­cow for sex crimes against children.

Judge Ty Neng, a member of the three-judge panel for the case, told the court that the summons ordering Trofimov to appear Thursday had been incorrectly sent to Phnom Penh’s Prey Sar prison rather than Preah Sihanouk.

Peng Maneth, a lawyer with anti-pedophile NGO Action pour les Enfants representing Trofimov’s victims, said she had planned to argue that Trofimov serve his full prison sentence here before any extradition request is considered.

“If he is gone, who will be re­sponsible for paying compensation and jail terms in Cambodia?” she asked.

She added that Trofimov’s trial in Russia would take a long time, and some of his court cases in Cam­bodia have not yet finished, adding that his victims would have to wait for him to come back.

Trofimov’s lawyer, Im Mach, said Thursday that he had only been appointed to the case about a week ago and didn’t know any details concerning the extradition request other than his client being wanted in Russia for allegedly abusing three underage girls.

An official at the Russian Em­bassy told a reporter on Thursday to call back in 15 minutes. When the reporter did so an official said the embassy was closed.


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